Fom Industrie has been designing and producing integrated systems and solutions for cutting and processing extruded aluminium profiles for fifty years now. Over these years, our company has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools and systems for processing extruded aluminium profiles.

Fom Industrie is the parent company of the Fom Group, which comprises 10 manufacturing companies, 9 sales foreign subsidiaries and 55 official distributors. At first, this network of companies was structured only to handle all the phases in the supply chain, and to integrate the offer of machines for aluminium and PVC processing with additional, complementary services such as materials handling equipment and software solutions for door and window frame production and machine control, developed in the group’s own software house.

Technological research, however, has always been a strategic priority for Fom Industrie, and the logic behind our group’s constant and uninterrupted growth. For this reason, over the years, our group has also acquired companies that operate outside the construction sector supply chain.

While the various companies in Fom Group maintain their own clear identities, they all share the same dedication and commitment to the pursuit of ambitious development and innovation targets. Fom Group today also includes companies specialising in mechanical engineering and packaging.

The Fom Group model is based on a long-term vision that appreciates the know-how contributed by each individual company and encourages creativity and specialist excellence. This combination of ideas and competences is the driving force behind the success of our group today and a guarantee of its future prosperity.

Fom Group encourages creativity and excellency


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